HOLLANDRUSK INC (HRI) is a highly-regarded, retained executive search firm headquartered in the Chicago business district. The company is a wholly-owned, sole proprietorship managed by its founder and President, Susan R. Holland, with a staff of three research professionals. HRI is able to operate in any of the fifty states in the U.S., as well internationally, and has no requirements or restrictions, whether formally or informally, that have been dictated by any location. All accounts would be handled out of the sole location and headquarters of HRI in Chicago at the above address.

Susan Holland initially began her search career in a marketplace that was knowledgeable of the advantages of executive search, but unable to meet specialized goals through the majority of methods employed. Hence, the specialty of S.R. Holland, Inc., in 1977 - “spotlighting” the female section of the labor force and encouraging employers to recognize that women executives do exist and are ready to assume major management responsibility. For the following six years, S.R. Holland, Inc. retained its unique position in the Midwest as the only executive search firm specializing in women executive selection. However, due to the rapidly growing and results-oriented reputation developed during those years, client demand for Ms. Holland’s services warranted a move towards the production of a more diverse mix of candidates in order to address the demands of today’s workplace.  Thus the development of HOLLANDRUSK & ASSOCIATES in 1986, .

HRI’s consulting services are dedicated to the practice of executive selection for client organizations in both the public and private sectors. HRI brings to clients 3 decades of success at Board level, plus executive/operations/ administrative management, encompassing financial, technical/engineering, legal, marketing/sales and production disciplines, servicing major organizations worldwide. Clients served include automotive, heavy industrial services and products, transportation, energy, insurance, consumer products, academe and non-profit organizations.

Built on the premises of quality and ethical consulting, the firm’s charter is to act as an unbiased coordinator, facilitating a solution to an organization’s management problem. HRI will not tell you the answer to the problem; instead will provide an extensive study of what exists in the nation, bringing the highest plateau of talent available to our client for discussion, assessment and selection, a truly cohesive team approach to the best answer. It is strongly felt that an executive search assignment requires a particularly intensive relationship with all responsible project managers, in order to understand and convey to potential candidates the challenge and opportunity inherent in the client.

HRI firmly supports the principle and philosophy of equal opportunity for all individuals regardless of race, sex, creed or national origin. This concept is an integral part of each search process.