Affirmative Action Commitment
HollandRusk Inc (HRI) firmly supports the principle and philosophy of equal opportunity for all individuals regardless of race, sex, creed, physical challenge, or national origin within its own organization and all outside client projects. This concept is an integral part of each search process.

The Chief Executive Officer of HRI is a female with 3 decades of experience in completing targeted searches. This leadership gives HRI a considerable advantage over traditional firms in accessing qualified diverse management and technical talent. Moreover, HRI has an even greater advantage over traditional firms in convincing sought-after minority and female candidates to give serious consideration to positions offered by clients.

Another major advantage accruing to HRI is the diverse networks of contacts developed over the years and available to our clients. The firm’s personal and professional affiliations within certain minority and female-focused organizations are useful to the search process, as well.

Major corporations draw the marketplace’s scrutiny toward their operating practices and policies, inclusive of personnel matters; thus, the ongoing need for objective consultants who can provide services to implement the non-discriminatory programs to which they adhere.

Because of HRI's professional integrity and focus, clients will be able to receive a mix of final candidates geared to the hiring patterns of sex and ethnic origins adhered to by the dictates of their role in the marketplace. HRI will be able to attract highly desirable, targeted individuals, through our methods, and demonstrate, through our Selection Process, the career advantages, which can be realized by making a move to one of our clients.

Adherence to a non-discriminatory policy of hiring requires the utmost care and selection to portray the client's approach as a practice to maintain a marketplace representation, not to fulfill quotas.

Importantly, HRI can buffer clients from any potential conflict of discrimination by contractually and professionally representing them within limited pockets of qualified candidates who might not on their own realize an opportunity. The very nature of hiring a search consultant is the realization of the utmost confidentiality, integrity, and professionalism in providing potentially highly controversial services.








































Affirmative Action Commitment